Raising a child is an extremely exciting and enjoyable activity especially for parents especially when the baby is few months old. 4 to 5 months old babies start to observe things and try to grab everything around them. These babies also get attentive to different sounds of music or rattling toys.

Sometimes moms are busy in their household activities and at that particular time, the baby should have something to play around or some musical toy or rattle to have fun.

Following is the list of some cool musical rattles you should have to keep your little one busy.

1. Sassy Rattlin Rings, Blue/Black

Sassy Rattlin Rings, Blue/Black
Price: $4.92
You save: $0.07 (1 %)
17 new from $0.010 used


This small rattle can be a good option for babies because of its different textures and colorful rings. Extreme bright shades of black and white help your child in identifying and differentiate colors. Rings and beautiful beads help your child’s tactile senses.

2. Sassy Poke-A_Dot Rattle

Sassy Poke-A-Dot Rattle
Price: $3.98
You save: $2.01 (34 %)
9 new from $3.980 used


This is another interesting rattle for babies. Various sharp textures are provided to develop your child’s sensory and motor responses. Bright colors help in improving little fellow’s vision. Clinking sound is provided to engage your baby.

Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle

Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle
Price: $2.74
You save: $1.25 (31 %)
6 new from $2.742 used from $2.38


This little rattle is easy to grab ad spin and is designed to develop your baby’s reflexes and tactile senses. Colorful beads create rattling sounds to keep your baby engaged. Three different teethable textures give teething relief to gums.

Playgro Clip Clop Activity Baby Rattle


Stuffed toy cum rattle, this little donkey is a friend of your baby to keep him engaged. Different click clack beads are added to improve your baby’s auditory responses as well as its hand and eye co-ordination. It is lightweight and easy to grab for babies.

Vtech baby Rattle and Sing Puppy

VTech Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy
Price: $7.99
You save: $5.85 (42 %)
12 new from $7.990 used


This cute little rattle is shakable and easy to grasp. Colorful beads in the ball below give a sweet rattling sound to develop your baby’s auditory reflexes. Two different textured rings are provided to improve your child’s motor responses. Little puppy also sings different sweet songs for your baby.

Lovely Infant Baby Foot Sock Rattle Toys


These are cute little socks for your little fellow to enjoy wearing. Animal faces on the topside make your baby fell in love with. Multi-colored socks look very cute on your baby’s feet.

Playgro My First Bead Buddy Giraffe for Toddlers


This little giraffe is an excellent choice for your baby’s cot. Colorful and easy to grab, this little toy helps in developing tactile senses in your baby. Different bright colored rings give clicking sound to engage your baby.

Bright Starts Rattle and Shake Barbell Rattle


Quite simple in design, this rattle looks beautiful in your little baby’s hands. Two colorful rings on both sides of the toy make sweet rattling sounds with different beads in them. Mirror in the rings reflect light and is a great piece of interest and fun.

The First Years My First Rattle


Designed like a smiling cute bee, his rattle consists of different textures and soft teething surfaces to engage your child while having fun as well as to help your child’s visual responses and hand gestures. Extremely bright colors make your baby love to grab it.

Bearington Baby’s First Christmas Plush Ring Rattle


Extremely cute little bear makes a good addition to your baby’s toy set. Wearing a green and red bow along with Santa hat, this rattle is easy to hold and is a perfect Christmas gift for your little ones.

Car Keys Rattle Toy Set with Doorbell Car Alarm Lights & Designed Package Best Gifts for Babies Toddlers by Peradix


This little rattle is good for baby boys especially as it is a complete set of a car and keys. The colorful design is total attention grabbing with an added feature of different interesting car sounds like car unlocking, engine startup, doorbell and horn honking. Cute design without any sharp edges, this toy rattle is easy to hold.

Soft Plush Animal Baby Rattle Toys 2 PCS (Cow and Elephant) Grasping Toys


These are soft small little toys for cute little hands of your baby. The small ring at the end is to improve your baby’s finger gripping ability and overall tactile response. Colorful beads make fun sounds bringing a smile to your baby’s face. Extremely soft materials are used in the manufacturing making it easy to lift and hold.

Sassy Pop n’ Push Car

Sassy Pop n' Push Car
Price: $6.95
You save: $2.19 (24 %)
15 new from $4.990 used


This Beautiful and attractive car is designed to grab the attention of the crawling babies. Bright colored wheels make the babies roll the car on the floor. Different beads make a rattling sound whenever the car is shaken and rolled. This toy rattle helps in developing motor skills and tactile senses.


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