What do you do if you have to buy a present for a 4 year old that you love but you are little tight with the money?

Of course, you wouldn’t want to buy cheap gifts and dishearten the young fellow and yourself. So what is the solution? A very easy one in fact; here are five amazing gifts for kids that you can buy for less than $25.

These are all very well crafted and high quality items.

1. IBraFashion Toddler Pillowcases


These 100% cutton pillowcases are the ideal gift for baby girls. It is a set of two pillowcases. The dimensions 19 by 14. They come in pink color and an easy-on-eye design. The manufacturers have not included pillow as yet, just the cases.

2. Paloma Printed Owl Kids Water Bottle


The Paloma water bottle is a very handy gift especially for the summer season. The content of the bottle stays cold even in the warmest weather. Apart from having a cool design that kids love, it comes with a freezer gel. All the components of the water bottle are non-toxic.

3. God Created Everything Night Light

It is good to teach your children about love from early age. This night light is a great gift idea. The holder gives a message full of love and cuteness that God created everything and everything around is beautiful.

4. Sterling Silver Cultured Pearl Bracelet


This is a special gift for the little princess. This gorgeous pearl bracelet is made out of beautiful pink Swarovski crystals sterling silver puff heart. There is an adjustable chain that ensures that the size fits everyone. It comes in a stylish box which makes it a very-convenient-to-buy gift.

5. AWESOME Unlimited Creation Cubes


If you want the child to be creative, then we have the perfect gift for you. The child will have an opportunity for unlimited creation. Every pack comes with 100 pieces. This sort of gift items are both entertaining and educational. These creation cubes by Awesome Choice are very well built and ridiculously cheap.

Here are all the items for your quick-browsing. These items are highly recommended by us:


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