CamelBak Products LLC is a Californian based company that creates outdoor equipment. They are particularly famous for creating hydration products such as water bottles and hydration packs.

Fortunately, they also create some amazing water bottles for kids. A water bottle is something that can always come in handy. Most kids don’t like drinking healthy things like milk or freshly squeezed orange juice. With these beautifully designed water bottles you can “trick” them into drinking healthier things and not just water.

1. Shark Design

Does the little one have a knack for sharks or dinosaurs? Get this version of CamelBak water bottle. The kid would go absolutely berserk with joy.

2. Mermaid Design

Fan of the little mermaid? Get this beautiful blue and pink water bottle. It is quite vibrant.

3. The Flying Mice

This is a best selling water bottle by our beloved brand. This bottle has number five rank in Amazon’s outdoor category.

4. CamelBak eddy


Not sure if it is a kids’ bottle or for grown-ups but I decided to include it any way. The vibrant green color is irresistible and so is the sturdy design and construction.

5. Iguana

This bright colored bottle is sure to become little master’s favorite. The beautiful iguana illustrations make it a compelling gift idea.

Here are all the water bottles listed in one go:


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