If your friend or family member is pregnant, she might be feeling a little dull. What you can do is help her out by making her look great. It is said that if you “think” you look good, you “feel” good and when you feel good you make “others feel good”.

What are you waiting for? Make sure that the mom-to-be feels glamorous again. We have short-listed five best dress ideas for pregnant women.

1. TINYHI Women Maternity Dress 

This amazing baby dress will help regain the old charm. This is elegance personified. The TINYHI Women Maternity Jersey is made from soft stretch jersey fabric that makes it feel very soft against the skin.

The flexible material allows you it to stretch and fulfill your needs till the very last stage of pregnancy. It has a V-shaped wrap neckline with short sleeves. Oh and the best part: it comes in seven delightful colors.

2. Pinkydot Women’s Draped Maxi Maternity Dress


Taking the grace and class one step further. Pinkydot is a new online store but it quickly gaining good reputation. Their Draped Maxi maternity dress is as graceful as they come. It has a V shaped neckline and a little tie-knot below it. The wrinkly strap and bow give it a very unique look. Normally pregnancy dresses aren’t meant to be this awesome.

It comes in three plain colors; black, navy blue and royal blue as well as three beautiful flowery patterns.

3. Ekouaer Womens Labor / Delivery / Hospital Gown

This Ekouaer’s labor gown is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The waist is adjustable with a drawstring so you can absolutely sure of it being a perfect fit. You can move around freely and if you are at hospital for delivery or medical checkup it will allow for a fetal examination and other medical monitoring.

This gown is the perfect combination of gorgeous and functional. It comes in four beautiful shades of black, grey, blue and skin color.

4. Women’s Ruched Maternity Dress by Mother Bee

This maternity dress by the renowned brand Mother Bee comes only in vibrant patterns. It is cut just past the knee and made out of stretchable material. It is designed to be useful during the first day to the delivery day. It is very simply designed but it is functional and quite trendy.

There are 42 different patterns you can buy online! Five or six of these dresses and the mommy-to-be is set for the pregnancy period. These dresses are both casual and formal at the same time.

5. Hello Miz Women’s Baseball Maternity T-Shirt 

We have been taking so much about the dresses. Let’s move onto T-shirts. This T-shirt by Hello Miz will help the mom do her daily tasks and go out for groceries. It is very comfortable and stretchable, designed to withstand the physical changes of pregnancy.

There are different designers. Some are filled with flowers on torso with plain sleeves and some are other way around with flowery sleeves and plain torso. Overall you will get 19 variations of the design.

Here is a quick list of all the items:


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