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Are you a new mom? You are going to love what you are about to see. Do you know someone who has just recently become a mom? Share the link, don’t wait, she’ll love it too.

As they say with all the good jokes, “they are funny because they are true”.

There are more than a few memes we have collected that you might find relate-able. Sit back, relax and enjoy…

Here are 22 of the best memes we found on the internet.

1. I regret to inform you…

Credits: Pinterest

2. What kind of a heartless monster would do that?!

Credits: 20th Century Fox

3. Will you please just SHUT U… Yeah, what is it?

Credits: Brian Gordon

4. Teacher moms are a freak of nature

Credits: We Are Teachers

5. You think he’ll get the hint?

Credits: MomCode

6. Please keep your “pleasant” stories to yourself!


7. Dads can barely be trusted, now can they?

Credits: Pinterest

8. I salute you sister!

Credits: Pinterest

9. EVERY single time

Credit: Pinterest

10. Do all the kids in the world somehow coordinate and plan?

Credits: Nick Mom

11. A bit of everything I suppose?

Credits: BFL

12. Someone finally said it!

Credits: My Questionable Life

13. It is heaven on earth

Credits: Pinterest

14. This dad is going places

Credits: 9GAG

15. I am not sure if all the non-animated movies have gone extinct?

Credits: Pinterest

16, Almost as if they are waiting for me to do something important

Credits: Nick Mom

17. The mommy paradox

Credits: Hurrah For Gin

18. So all moms do that? I thought it was just me

Credits: Pinterest

19. Future president!

Credits: Brian Gordon

20. It’s not what it looks like! I can explain… wait…

Credits: Pinterest

21. After Snow White had a baby

Credits: Pinterest

22. It’s necessary evil…



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