In the recent few years, a lot of different cartoon characters especially superheroes have been introduced in the movies, tv shows, cartoons and comic books. From Superman to Batman, iron man to Captain America, Flash, Spiderman, ant man, and many others. Interesting thing is, these characters are so much liked by kids and school going children that they want everything with their favorite character printed on it. Either it can be their school bag, pencil box, lunch box, breakfast mug and many other things of use.

Following is the list of some good Superhero mugs and cups you should buy for your children.

Iron Man Superhero Kids Cartoon Color Change Magic Coffee Mug 11 Oz for Gift – 1


This cool iron man mug is very much dear to your baby boys who are a big fan of Marvel’s iron man character. The print on the mug is reflective and switch colors as well. A perfect gift item to buy.

Marvel Superhero Flash Kids Cartoon Magic Mug Color Change Coffee Mug 11 Oz Gift


Bring energy to your kids and make them superhero just like the Flash character. The cute little mug has a great print of Marvel’s Flash cartoon. The print is color changing and compact, can be easily washable without removal.

Zak! Designs Insulated Travel Mug with Classic Batman Graphics, Spill-proof, BPA-free Plastic, 15 oz.


Everybody knows that Batman will come and save us. Well, now Batman will be with you every time to save your kids from troubles. This cute little mug has an attractive batman print on it. The mug is insulated travel tumbler to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

Tervis Warner Brothers Tumbler with Red Lid, 10-Ounce, Superman Wavy Wrap


This cute superman tumbler mug is the first choice of every superman lover. The material is polymer based BPA free and is insulated to keep hot drinks hot. The mug can be easily used microwave, freezer and is completely safe on dishwashers as well.

Zak! Designs Insulated Travel Mug with Ironman Graphics, 15-Ounce

This 15-ounce mug has an awesome print of iron man graphics on it. The mug is insulated travel tumbler type completely spill proof and with a protective flip-top lid to keep your beverages in place. The material is totally free from BPA

Superhero Super Man Girl Nerd Comic Mug

Superhero Super Man Girl Nerd Comic Mug
Price: $16.95
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This cute little mug designs, especially for your little baby girls. The material is safe and the print is compact and will never fade out. Just milk to your baby girl in this lovely mug and she will feel like a super girl. A perfect gift item to buy as well.

Otozoo Supergirl Destroys Boulder Coffee Mug


This one is another good option for baby girls. This 11-ounce mug has a beautiful super-girl cartoon character printed on it. The material is high-quality ceramic. The print is compact and does not fade away after washing.  It is a good option for a birthday gift.

Silver Buffalo MC7032 Marvel Comics Spider-Man Eyes Ceramic Mug, 14-Ounces


Here comes another good quality mug for spiderman lovers. The gait spiderman face of the front is making a great compliment with a totally black interior of the mug and is liked by the fans of Spiderman. The material is totally safe for microwave, dishwasher.

Vandor 26566 Marvel Captain America 12 oz Ceramic Mug, Black, Red, Blue, and White


In the kid’s world, apart from Superman, Batman, and Spiderman, Captain America does have a name and recognition. So, this mug is for the fans of Captain America. This cute little mug with a print of Marvel’s Captain America is available in four different colors.

Vandor Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Green 18oz Tumbler with Straw


This cute little mug is different from the rest because it has a colorful print of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So for all those kids who love the action-adventure series of Ninja Turtles, this one is for you. The tumbler cup is made of safe plastic, BPA Free and comes with a lid and a straw.

14-oz Batman BPA Free Tritan Straw Water Bottle Flip-top Cap Heat/Cold Resistant Plastic Kids Baby


This little water bottle has a big bright colored logo of Batman with a background picture of Gotham city as well. The material is good quality plastic, BPA free and approved by US Department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Set: DC Comics, Crazy & Cool, Dc Super Hero Girls Photo Coffee Mug (4×3 inches) And 1x 1art1 Surprise Sticker


This is a slightly funky but a cool choice for your little kids if they are fond of DC Comics and especially superhero girls. The set comes with a beautiful mug and a surprise sticker of same print as well.

Vandor 26163 Marvel Spider-man 18 oz Oval Ceramic Mug, Black, and Red


One great thing about this mug is its oval shape rather than flat like other mugs. The black oval shaped mug with a big bright red spiderman face on the front is a nice option for a birthday gift. The mug is made of good quality ceramic and is safe to use in microwave and dishwasher.



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